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Sworn translator (Regional Court of Landshut, Germany)
BDÜ - Member of Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer
Sabine Ostermeier - Übersetzerin - Englische Sprache

Professional translations

You need marketing translations that really reach your target audience?

You need terminologically correct and precise translations of your legal documents?

You need a user-friendly and intuitive German version of your software?

I am here to help you!

With over 15 years of experience as an English-German translator, I provide language services mainly in the fields of marketing, law and IT. Among my clients are technology companies, tourism companies, software manufacturers, advertising agencies, online shops, lawyers and law firms.

Specialist translations ENGLISH – GERMAN


Get German content that conveys your brand message and is tailored to the cultural characteristics of the German market as well as the needs and preferences of your target group.


Get a carefully researched certified translation of your legal documents that accurately and completely reflects the meaning of your source text.


Get a consistently localized user interface including help texts and documentation that incorporates your layout specifications and is easily comprehensible for your German users.


You intend to achieve high search engine rankings with your translated online content?

As a certified online editor/copywriter I am familiar with the onpage SEO requirements and will conduct a thorough keyword research to determine the critical German keywords your target audience is using. When translating your content, I will optimize the German text including meta data to make sure your German content reaches your prospective customers.


Your translated documents need some finishing touches?

I will check your German texts regarding proper punctuation, spelling and grammar. Moreover, I will take care that your texts address your readers appropriately both in terms of content and style.

edit english language translations

Certified translations

You need a certified translation of your official document for submission to authorities?

As a certified and sworn translator for the English language (Regional Court of Landshut, Germany) I offer certified translations from English to German/German to English. With my seal and signature, I certify that your translation has been prepared with the greatest care and is faithful to your document.

Certified Translator

How can I help you?


I frequently translate the following types of texts/documents:

For companies (ENG-GER)

  • websites, landing pages
  • social media content, blog content
  • ad texts
  • e-commerce product descriptions
  • white papers, case studies
  • press releases
  • newsletters
  • video subtitles
  • brochures, catalogues
  • software and app interfaces, online help and documentation
  • training materials, online trainings

For attorneys, law firms, legal departments (ENG-GER)

  • contracts
  • powers of attorney
  • wills and testaments

→ certified translations upon request


For private clients (ENG-GER/GER-ENG)

  • birth and marriage certificates
  • certificates of good conduct
  • driver’s licenses
  • registration certificates
  • school/university certificates
  • employer’s references, reference letters

→ certified translations upon request

Your text type/document is not listed? Just reach out to me!


Companies, attorneys, law firms

The cost of a specialist translation depends on factors such as subject field, file format and urgency.

According to agreement, translations are charged by word count of your source text or the number of standard lines of your target text (A standard line is defined as 55 characters including spaces). SEO and proofreading/editing services are billed on an hourly basis.

The fee for legal translations is based on the German Judicial Compensation Act (Justizvergütungs- und -entschädigungsgesetz, § 11).

Please contact me for more information or a personalized offer.

Private clients

The fee for translations of documents/certificates is based on the German Judicial Compensation Act (Justizvergütungs- und -entschädigungsgesetz, § 11) and amounts to EUR 2,32 (including VAT) per standard line of your target text (55 characters including spaces).

The certification fee is EUR 17,85 (including VAT) per document.

The minimum order amount for certified translations is EUR 70 (including VAT) plus shipping costs.

Please contact me for more information or a personalized offer.

About me

As a professionally trained translator for English, I provide high-quality and reliable translation services in the fields of marketing, law and IT.


After graduating as a state-certified translator for English (Fremdspracheninstitut Munich) in 2000, I was employed with a leading provider for language technology and translation services, where I worked as a translator and project manager for several years.

During this time, I have specialized in marketing, legal and IT translations. Since 2010 I have been providing freelance translation services in these fields.

As effective online content is critical for many of my clients, and because I wanted to further deepen my knowledge in areas such as online writing, online media production, and web development, I completed the certificate course online editor/copywriter (sgd).

Additionally, I have obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in translation studies from the SDI University of Applied Sciences in Munich.

Sabine Ostermeier Translator Eching Landshut


Contact me

You can reach me by phone from Monday to Friday, 10 am to 5 pm. Phone: +49 (0) 8709 928 29 00 Alternatively, you can send me an email with your inquiry, and we can discuss how I can assist you.

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